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Good Hygiene in the vivarium

Ark-Klens is the ideal cleanser disinfectant

A variety of gram negative bacteria are involved in causing disease in reptiles and amphibia, these include Aeromonas, Klebsiella, and Pseudomonas. Combined with stress even a small number of bacteria can lead to an overwhelming infection. Identification and treatment based on sensitivity patterns are essential for successful avian medicine, but the herpetologist can have a major role to play in prevention of infection. Good hygiene is vital for successful reptile keeping.

For routine daily use to maintain good hygiene in the vivarium the disinfectant should have certain properties:

  • it must be safe and non-toxic
  • it should have good cleansing properties
    eg. ARK-KLENS - a fantastic cleanser and disinfectant

Heated vivaria containing reptiles can build up infections, so wiping or spraying down regularly is important. Its safety of use, combined with its cleansing properties make Ark-Klens an ideal cleanser disinfectant in vivaria.

We recommend that as a routine vivaria are cleaned out and disinfected with Ark-Klens and that periodically when the vivarium is stripped down (weekly or monthly) it is disinfected with TAMODINE-E.

In naturalistic exhibits in zoos which may go much longer between total cleanouts we recommend routine spraying with Ark-Klens followed by at least partial wipedowns with TAMODINE-E. Special attention needs to be given to the substrate which will become soiled and will harbour disease.

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