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By vets for your pets

Vitamin mineral supplements, health products

Quality supplements by the UK's leading specialists

Vetark are the UK’s leading specialists in exotic pet nutrition. Our vitamin and mineral supplements have been improving the health of exotic species for over 20 years thanks to their basis in veterinary research. 

Every pet deserves quality nutrition so we never make a claim we cannot back up. The products are updated in line with the latest research to ensure stunning results are always delivered. Countless customers return to us knowing they are making the professional choice. Snakes, tortoises, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, primates, birds and amphibians have all benefitted from Vetark products.

Our original probiotic supplement, Avipro Plus, became the gold standard and was widely used across all species. Due to EU legislation this has evolved into an all-species prebiotic support and we have developed new probiotics to comply without sacrificing the quality expected from Vetark.

The Veterinary Medicines Directorate licenses us as a manufacturer of Small Animal Exemption Scheme medicines in our newly completed GMP suite. This allows us to offer medical grade products and a specialist fish range to tackle pests like flukes and lice.

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See What Our Customers Said

Avi-sol Vitamin solution - great for ex battery hens! -

 I've been using avi-sol vitamin supplement in my work re-homing ex battery hens. It's proven to be a valuable resource in supporting particularly weak and vulnerable hens through rehabilitation. Highly recommended to anyone wanting to help ex battery hens.


AquaSed -does what it says on the tin! -

I hope Aquased becomes the norm in most fish keepers medicine cabinets.